torsdag 19. mai 2011

- Josh Groban -

An artist I have always dreamed of seeing live. This coming September, the dream will come true as he will visit both Bergen and Oslo :o)  Needless to say, I am very excited :o)

                                                                Josh Groban - You are loved

- Nightwish -

I am a great Nightwish fan and I just love their music, though finding a 'best' song is difficult, as I have many favorites. I'll share with you one of my 'best' songs.. I haven't heard this song live :( But can't wait for that to happen :)
Enjoy :o) 

                                       Nightwish - Last of the wilds

onsdag 11. mai 2011

Music that calms an aching soul

Il Divo means the world to me. Through their music I found great friends whom I cherish and love dearly. 'Adagio' is a very beautiful song though it is even more amazing live. I have many favorite songs but this one really stands out :o)

fredag 6. mai 2011

Vakkert syn utenfor stuevinduet mitt.

Blåveisen titter frem og hilser på våren. Jeg har aldri sett blåveis før så dette var gøy!